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about skyrunning girl

My name is Naia, and I am the founder of Skyrunning Girl.


🚨 This blog is inspired by my real life story and adventures. 🚨 

I started this blog because I love writing and talking about skyrunning, traveling, training, yoga, and of course, food! And what better way to talk about these subjects than blogging and sharing them with you!

Besides running in the mountains, I also find peace at my yoga mat. I’m a certified RYT® 200 Hour Yoga Teacher + CYT 500 Yoga Teacher, a certified Reiki practitioner, and a UESCA certified running coach! 


My Mission:

Inspiring others to enjoy life out on the trails, in the mountains, in the forests, or wherever your feet may lead you, but always leading life consciously and staying in the moment. 

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Top Questions Asked by My Followers:

What type of gear do you use? Find my favorite gear here.

Why don’t you show your face? Here’s the reason why.

What is Skyrunning? THIS is Skyrunning.

How do I start Skyrunning? Link here.

What is your nationality? I am an American and Canadian.

Where do you live? I split my time between France and the USA.

How were you educated? I grew up unschooled, and traveling the world!

What do you eat? I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life.

My Book:

All or Nothing published in 2022 by LoveFreeMyMind Publishing House. 

All or Nothing is a loving, life changing poetry book that will show you truth, vulnerability, depth, sensitivity, and kindness. There is also a touch of humour, flirting and teasing to tug at your heart.

This Instagram style poetry is written for those who are looking for an uplifting and inspiring book, and to:
– Help mend wounds that are too deep to see.
– Inspire self-love and worthiness for those who have insecurities.
– Find travel inspiration from words written on pages from one traveler to another.
– Bring attention to how amazing you are just to exist.

May these words guide you to a higher self.