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Welcome to Skyrunning Girl Coaching! If you don’t already know me, my name is Naia. I am so happy you are here and ready to start a spiritual, mental, and physical change and growth in your life. 

My philosophy about running starts with the mental aspect. Taking a deep dive into what holds you back, what’s your motivation to get out the door everyday, and how to grow into the best athlete you can be. 

Expert Guidance: I am currently a coach of the Canada Youth Skyrunning Team, Masters student in Psychology, certified RYT® 200 Hour Yoga Teacher + CYT 500 Yoga Teacher, a certified Reiki practitioner, and with years of crewing and racing the best races in the world: UTMB (UTMB, TDS, YCC, MCC), Cruel Jewel 100, Transvulcania, Vermont 100, XTERRA World Championships, and Marathon du Mont Blanc. I’m also currently on my way to be a certified UESCA Running Coach. 

Training Plan: TrainingPeaks App, Notion, or Google Docs (depending on your preference).
Focus: Ultramarathon, marathon, trail running, fastpacking, recovery techniques, breathing, nutrition and hydration strategy, weight lifting, cross training, yoga, swimming, and lifestyles.
Level: All training plans are customized for YOU. From couch to 5K runner, beginner runner, trail runner, skyrunner, moms who are looking to get back into running, and ultra runner.
Why Choose Me?: I like taking the approach of creating running and training as a lifestyle that can fit into your  life. I enjoy including gym, meditation, running, and cross training into your workouts and training. 

Looking for a 1v1 coaching session for an hour with a yoga and running coach? Trying to get unstuck? Looking for inspiration to get back into your running shoes or onto your mat? Join me for a 1 hour private coaching session on Zoom. What you will gain:

  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • guidance
  • information

After the session, I will send you a summary of key points along with related articles, videos or anything else that I believe will be useful for you. 

Price per hour: $50

The Independent Runner is designed for those who want:

  • more structure in their in their training customized to their needs
  • don’t want a coach to be constantly on them, however wants the community support and a little guidance


  • consistent email check-ins 
  • monthly 30 minute Zoom 1v1 meeting 
  • customized training plans to fit your goals
  • free entrance into online running workshops
  • monthly newsletters – relating to nutrition, running workshops, running races, yoga classes, and well-being
Pricing per month: $75