How to Start Skyrunning 101: A Beginner’s Guide

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How to Start Skyrunning 101: A Beginner’s Guide

After people ask me, “what is skyrunning?” the next question many ask is, how can I start skyrunning? Now let’s get to the answer….

The easiest way to start skyrunning is to jump right into it, but it may not be easy at first… or ever, but that is the beauty of it, right?

1. Pick Your Favorite Mountain or Mountain Substitute

You can start skyrunning by picking your favorite mountain, route or trail with vertical gain. For some people, a treadmill set to the highest incline or high rise apartment stairs might be the closest way they can replicate to a skyrunning experience.

When I am training in New York City I run my normal outside route (which is flat), and then I do stair repeats in my 60 floor building. Ouch.

2. Travel-Training + Vacation Running

When going on different trips, vacations, or travel adventures plan your trips with altitude and mountains in mind.

I revolve my travels around my racing schedule, so not only do I see some pretty amazing places, I am also doing something that I love… skyrunning!

Training in the Alps.

3. Find Skyrunning Races

Find skyrunning or mountain running races! There are so many all across the world, in all sorts of distances and skyrunning levels, from kids skyrunning races, beginners, and all the way up to elite.

4. Hookup with Other Skyrunners (Not literally hookup…although… sorry, different story 😉

You can meet other skyrunners! How cool is that? You can also run with mountain runners, trail, and I am sure ultra runners would love the fun. Look for local clubs in your area.

5. Wear the Right Stuff

Two of the most important things that I recommend are wearing good trail running shoes with lots of grip. Also, it is a good idea to bring an emergency blanket wherever you run, especially when you are in the mountains.

6. Find Inspiration on Social Media

Watching skyrunning videos on YouTube always gives me inspiration and ideas to keep pushing and training. You can check out my YouTube Channel and subscribe at: Skyrunning Girl. Instagram, Facebook, and other Blogs also offer inspiration such as… International Skyrunning Federation and US Skyrunning .

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  1. Wow! Here I get tired by the time I reach my terrace, you look for skyrunning! You rock!
    Find inspiration in social media? I guess I found mine, right here!. You are definitely an inspiration. Thank you!

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