What is Skyrunning? – Breaking it Down

Skyrunning is an up and coming sport. The newest trend, but it’s a challenge like no other, for the mind, body, and soul. When you get to the end of this blog post What is Skyrunning? – Breaking it Down, and you are interested in starting skyrunning check out my other article about how to start skyrunning…here.

What is Skyrunning?

Skyrunning is exactly how it sounds. Running up mountains, or in other words…. Skyrunning is running above the clouds or above 2,000 meters (6,600ft) of elevation. It also has to have a minimum average incline over 6% and it has to have parts that include 30%.

Here’s one of my videos running in the alps as part of my training:

Who Invented Skyrunning?

Skyrunning was created in the 1990’s by an Italian mountaineer named Marino Giacometti as well as some fellow climbers, including Lauri van Houten. The sports tagline for skyrunning is: “Less cloud. More Sky”. After all when you are skyrunning you are headed toward the sky, and above the clouds.

Who can do Skyrunning?

ANYONE! Yes, you can do skyrunning, your neighbor can do skyrunning. Skyrunning is all about you vs the mountain. I think this is probably the best part about skyrunning because, yes, you can do races and competitions, but regardless it’s you vs the mountain, always.

How long is Skyrunning?

The mileage of Skyrunning varies, but can be between 3 kilometers to 100 kilometers. Although, no matter the mileage, Skyrunning has to have a minimum of 2,000 meters (6,600ft) of elevation.

Anything else?

The ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) hosts races around the world. As there are around 50,000 participants from 65 countries. There are five different categories/races for Skyrunning. They are: – Youth Skyrunning World Championship – Skyrunning Continental Championships – Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series – Skyrunner® National Series – Vertical World Circuit

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Liked What is Skyrunning? – Breaking it Down, and interested in starting skyrunning? Check out my other article about how to start skyrunning…here.

See you in the mountains!

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  1. Amazing! We do not have high elevations here like yours although I went to the highest peak in Vietanam and Colorado and run a bit because its too cold for me haha… I love this!
    I havent done any 100kms race my longest is 53 km

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