Why I Don’t Show My Face in My Photos on Social Media

Skyrunning Girl - Sitting down in a field in Scotland

If you’ve checked out my Instagram feed, you know that I don’t show my face in any of my photos. Except for a rare posting on my personal Facebook page, you’re not going to see my face, at least posted by me, on social media or in my YouTube videos.

Why I Don’t Show My Face in My Photos on Social Media

I get asked this question very often… WHY don’t YOU show your face on social media?!

I’ve decided that it is probably about time I tell the world why I don’t show my face on social media. It’s not that I don’t like people asking why. I just think some people are spending a little too much time wondering why I don’t show my face in the first place.

A few years ago, when I started my Instagram page, I made a conscious decision to not show my face. At first it was for privacy. I wanted to share photos of my life, but not share too much. Over time, my reasons for not showing my face have expanded.

I do no face because it’s something I love doing. I love taking on the challenge of trying to capture something I am doing, the country I am in, the training run I’m running, or simply just the sunset and giving a greater meaning to the photo than just my face.

Sure, my face tells a story, but my story is bigger than my face. In each “square” I post on social media there is meaning in each photo that goes beyond my face.

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Skyrunning Girl - Running around the lake in Annecy, France. Why I don't show my face photography photos staying anonymous

When some of my friends first started asking me, “why don’t you show your face?”, my response was: Because I want to show others the beauty of my experiences. I don’t want people to just “like” a photo because of my appearance.

I don’t like showing my face.

No, in case you are wondering, I don’t have anything to hide.

I do think our culture is obsessed with facial beauty, and that’s become very obvious to me in the reactions I get from others and their questions.

I love posting photos. And I love getting my photo taken. Yes, even getting photos taken that show my face.
I love looking at different photos. I love editing photos. And I LOVE photography. I love scrolling through other people’s feeds. I love seeing faces. Yes, I even love seeing those cute bathroom selfies. 😉

But as much as I love seeing other people’s faces, I still prefer not to show mine. Unless, of course we are meeting up for a coffee date.

I try to capture moments in my photos where my face is not the focus because I don’t want to go and look at my Instagram feed in a few years and only see my face and wonder did I miss the context of my life?

Photos that don’t show my face are art to me and I LOVE art. I think leaving out my face gives the chance for people to interpret my photos for themselves and define their own meaning or find connection to my photos.

Want to see how I don’t show my face on social media?

Check out my Instagram and see how I don’t show my face. Also, like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Why you should show your face on Instagram

Some will say you should show your face on Instagram, and others will have no interest (like me!!!). For example, some will tell you that you should show your face if you want to be a mega influencer or have credibility on social media. Others will say showing your face will humanize your photos.

To recap, here are some reasons on why some may not want to show their face on social media:

  • Security/Privacy
  • Religion
  • Insecurities
  • Trying to show a bigger picture (for example, posting pictures of just mountains to inspire others about mountains and not about your personal appearance.)
  • Conveying a message


What are your thoughts about showing your face on social media? Drop a comment below! I would love to hear from you!

45 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Show My Face in My Photos on Social Media”

  1. I love this because I’m fascinated with people being who they are and those that are true to themselves, particularly when they do things a little outside the status quo. You be you and I’ll be a fan….subscribed!

  2. Respect and applaud your decision. Indeed it’s an art to take your pics without showing thr face and yet able to convey a story behind it.

  3. Awesome runner! I like taking photos of sceneries as well and less of me there. Although I take selfies with sceneries I rarely posts it unless I fee like posting it. I guess its a personal preference I respect yours being a photographer as well 🙂 Enjoy running!

  4. It’s an interesting thought on the subject. I’ve gone back and forth with showing my face/or even having a public presence. But without a presence, I could never have the reach to spread the message I desire.
    Oh well, I admire you for doing what feels right for you!

  5. I was wondering why you never show your face either, I like your reasons and actually I think this way you keep the suspense and people will want to follow you to see if they ever get to see your face…

  6. What came to mind while I was reading this. I was thinking about how judgmental people are and that it doesn’t matter how beautiful someone is, or whether or not they look different, people are going to judge regardless. I think when people go through their lives being judged by their appearances, its harmful no matter what way we look at it. People think beautiful faces don’t have the same desires to be liked or paid attention to for things other than looks. Not that that is the case with you, I was just reflecting. I do think its nice to see a face though at least once – to hear the voice better. Its kind of like talking to someone on the phone, but never seeing their face. But then when you see their face its so nice to be able to connect a face with the voice.

  7. I used to not show my face online. It was a confidence thing for me. So I hid behind the camera. And eventually, I worked up the courage to post pictures of myself. I love faceless pictures because the focus is less on the person but on the beauty around them. And you do a good job in capturing that in all of your photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Agreed! And your photos are excellent! I don’t even bother to explain, although I recall mentioning something about selfie addiction in a post about Cairo on my blog:))

  9. I think it’s pretty awesome that you manage to capture these beautiful photos without capturing your face. I love that it’s clear you’re present but the focus still remains on your surroundings or the activity taking place within the picture.

  10. I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked on this post but I do love your reasons.

    I love that you’re being creative with your photography to hide your face.

    I avoid showing my children for privacy reasons so I do understand where you’re coming from. Feet in sand pictures are much cuter ?

  11. I love this post and this -> “my face tells a story, but my story is bigger than my face.” I truly think that too many people have too much time on their hands to even be wondering what you look like instead of getting inspired by what you’ve captured. I’m not big on social media either. Admittedly, our chocolate Labrador has gained quite a following on IG so I have to be on it quite often haha! Anyway, thanks for this post and enjoy your adventures!

  12. If I could like this article more than once, I would! I absolutely love it ? You’ve explained something I was also asked a lot about, why I don’t show my face! I am honestly surprised by how curious people are about it this much! As you mentioned in your post, I’m also a big fan of art, and photography is Art to me. I don’t remember an artist in history drawing his face with his art pieces every single time! ✨ I wish people could understand that some people love to take photos as simple as that! There is no need to add my face in the photograph, nor was it lack of confidence when I simply post a good photo that shows my sense and appreciation for art.

  13. What intention! You clearly are trying your best to live a meaningful and intentional life. I think you’re showcasing “lead by example” which is awesome. You’re right, the world is obsessed with beauty and it’s dangerous. It’s almost as if if someone sees your face they’ve captured your soul, sometimes. Love this post.

  14. A differet kind of post. interesting one at that. Guess, what I don’t know how to pose for photos. I feel awkward looking at cameras and and giving an empty smile at those lifeless lenses. So, i like how you have made keeping your face away from the camera appear so casual and cool. I need to get some tips from you on that.

  15. I’m so convinced by your reasons, I also Don’t like to show my photos because I’m more concerned about sharing useful content and getting followed by people who are inspired not just because I look good or not, so good post like it, keep going ❤

  16. I love this and feel like it’s important to be yourself and do what you are comfortable with, not what everyone thinks you should do. As I mature, I look at my face sometimes and think “I can’t show that,” but then I quickly switch to “why not”. That’s what I look like and I’m ok with it. Different reasoning and thought process altogether, but I wanted to share. You are beautiful, face or no face.

  17. 100% agree, I too don’t show my face on social media, as I prefer to show my experiences, the food and scenery so much more. When I flip through my insta those are the things that sparks warm fuzzy memories in my mind. I’ve also just started my travel blog, again not showing my face and was quite worried how this would be perceived. But I’m glad to know that there are others doing it too ?

  18. What an interesting perspective! Your photos are incredible, and I can definitely understand wanting to capture the full experience and how focusing on your face can distract from that. Your creativity in how you hide your face makes the photos even more interesting.

  19. Although I have a few photos where my face is not shown although I’m in the photo, it’s not something I’ve consciously done. But after reading your article, I think I will do more of it. I really liked your photos (I’m also a photographer as well as a lifestyle blogger) and you are correct. You are including a person – yourself, although it could be others – but without showing their face, there is automatically more focus on the overall scene. Great idea and explanations.

  20. I’m planning to create an Instagram fitness account after I give birth but without showing my face. Your page is an inspiration! I love your reasons, too. Most of the time it’s “I want privacy/I don’t want to share my face” but your reasons are way way deeper like “wanting them to like the experience not the appearance.”

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for sharing! If you’re interested in more I have yoga poses that don’t your face and I’m big fan of videos, check them out! I’m also posting a yoga video this weekend, stay tuned! Good luck with your Instagram page, and let me know how it goes! Have fun with it! <3

  21. MentalMillennialMom

    Hi, I have to agree that showing my face on social media has never been something I liked to do. I do show it, but only because it fits my brand. I have never felt comfortable around the camera though and feel people would rather see the sites than my face.

  22. I 100% agree, too. For me, it’s mainly about privacy. What’s wrong with wanting to share what you’ve experienced and know with the hope that others will find it helpful and encouraging – but maintain privacy at the same time? I love that you wrote this. “You go, Girl – the sky’s the limit.”

  23. LOVE these ideas. I have been wondering about this and am glad to know it can be done well!
    I’ll be sure to check out your yoga poses, too, as I’m in the fitness niche (fitness over 50).

  24. I agree, i have absolutely no photos of myself or of mu children on social media, some photos i do have with friends, my face is covered with a mask and or sunglasses

  25. I’m so happy you wrote this article. I don’t show my face on social media. I like to from time to time post things on Instagram however, it’s mostly my animal. Thank you for this! I’m now following you on Instagram.

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