8 Yoga Poses That Don’t Show Your Face

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8 Yoga Poses That Don’t Show Your Face

If you’ve seen my Instagram page or my YouTube channel you may notice that I don’t show my face.

Last time I talked about Why I Don’t Show My Face on Social Media, I got a TON of responses and LOVE on it. I love hearing how my post has helped or inspired so many of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Some of the responses were from moms or bloggers asking how to show their life without sharing too much personal information or showing their faces (or their kids).

But this time I want to take keeping your face private when you’re taking cool yoga photos. Here, I share with you some yoga poses you can do that don’t show your face.

Why You Might NOT Want to Show Your Face in Yoga Photos

You might not want to show your face in yoga photos because you want to:

  • Protect your privacy
  • Show more than just your face, but the beauty of the photo as a whole
  • Focus attention on the pose (asana) rather than your face
  • Show the vulnerability of a pose anonymously

So, here are 10 different photos, and 6 different yoga postures that you could post without ever having to show your face. <3

1. Hands Up The Back in Prayer

Pashchima Namaskarasana. Or more known as Hands Up The Back in Prayer or Reverse Prayer.

This is actually one of my favorite photos, and the pose in it is really simple. Although, a little practice may be required, for now, you can modify and simply do your hands or your elbows holding each other.

2. Wheel Modification

Urdhva Dhanurasana. Better known as Wheel Pose.

Wheel pose is a fun pose to photograph, and one that easily allows you to conceal your face.

3. Tree Pose

Vrikshasana. Commonly known as Tree Pose.

I love this pose. Simple, easy, yet so beautiful. This a perfect pose for beginners, and people that just want to mess around with taking no face photos.

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4. Headstand

Shirshasana. Better known as headstand.

For some people this is considered an easy pose to do and a favorite, but it’s not a personal favorite because I’ve heard it could not be so good for your back and head.

I edited this photo using blur and turned up the shadows.

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5. Legs Up the Wall Modification

Viparita Karani. Commonly known as Legs Up the Wall.

*You could also consider this as Boat Pose or similar to Forward Bending *

Although this pose is modified because I am sitting up and my legs are not against a wall, it is still a useful variation, and fun to photograph!

6. Downward-Facing Dog Modification

Adho Mukha Śvānāsana. More known as Downward-Facing Dog pose.

This is one of my favorite poses and it’s really easy for beginners(!). The only this with this pose is: it’s a little bit tricker to photograph. So, I moved my head up a little bit higher than it should be in order to get a good angle.

7. Cartwheel

*This is not a yoga pose, just a pose that’s fun to photograph.*

I know. Haha. A lot of people think this one is a handstand, but I’m actually doing a cartwheel that I controlled and slowed down for a photo.

So, if a handstand is a little challenging for you (like it is for me), then a cartwheel will substitute perfectly.

8. Handstand

Adho Mukha Vrksasana. Better known as handstand.

In the Italian Alps (with the German sign), I did a handstand leaning against the sign.

I then edited the photo just a tad, and increased shadows to make sure you couldn’t see my face!

If you enjoyed reading 8 Yoga Poses That Don’t Show Your Face then drop a comment below! What are your techniques? Do you prefer to show your face on social media?

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  1. The cartwheel! I love it. I can do a handstand for about half a second, I will just start doing cartwheels. All of these are fun, simple, and practical yoga poses. With the benefit of not showing your face if you don’t want to.

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