What’s the difference between Skyrunning & Vertical Kilometer®?

What's the difference between Skyrunning & Vertical Kilometer®? skyrunning girl skyrunner naia tower-pierce ultra running trail runner

What’s the difference between Skyrunning & Vertical Kilometer®?

Real Quick:

Okay, so, maybe to some people this is a silly question, but I just want to quickly clarify the difference for you!

*In reality, there are no silly questions!* 😉

Although, there is a difference in the name, and the idea is very similar…the real difference is with the distance and the elevation.

Skyrunning vs The Vertical Kilometer®

Skyrunning, in general, is running up mountains above a certain elevation. This could mean that you could run for 100km, but above a certain elevation, and it would then be considered a skyrun, or skyrun race.

While the Vertical Kilometer® is a under a certain amount of distance (5km, to be exact) with at least 1000 meters of elevation. The distances can vary from 3km to 5km. A short distance means it the VK (vertical kilometer, skyrunning slang 😉 ) can be really steep. Think of climbing a mountain in the shortest amount of time…you’d want to probably go to the steepest section because it’s the shortest distance to the top of mountain. Comprendo?

Anyway, to put it simply, doing and completing a Vertical Kilometer IS skyrunning.

A cool side note: The Vertical Kilometer® is actually a registered trademark! This means that people can’t steal or take this name as part of their race!


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