What is a Vertical Kilometer® Skyrunning Race?

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What is a Vertical Kilometer® Skyrunning Race?

In the sport and world of skyrunning you have the Vertical Kilometer®, and to put it simply, is running and climbing (sometimes even with your hands) up a very steep mountain in a short distance. A Vertical Kilometer® usually takes between thirty minutes to an hour.

What’s the difference between Skyrunning and The Vertical Kilometer®?

The International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) has made a statement and fabulous explanation on what defines a Vertical Kilometer® race in skyrunning. For the record, take note Vertical Kilometer is a registered trademark of ISF. The ISF also is the governing body for the World Skyrunning Championship races.

According to ISF Rules:

2.4.4, VERTICAL KILOMETER® – “Races with 1,000m vertical climb over variable terrain with a substantial incline, not exceeding 5 km in length. The Vertical Kilometer® is defined at various altitude levels (+/- 200m variable). Example: from 0 – 1,000m, 1,000 – 2,000m, 2,000 – 3,000m. A double or triple Vertical Kilometer® is also recognised.”

International Skyrunning Federation – January 7th 2020

Check out the full article here and learn more about the ISF.


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