7 Foods That Runners Must Have to Increase Vitamin D – Why it’s Important

7 foods that runners must have to increase vitamin d - why it's important

7 Foods That Runners Must Have to Increase Vitamin D – Why it’s Important

I recently had blood work done, and the results were a little “ehh”. Vitamin D is something I am probably low in, because I’m not one to eat fish, dairy or egg yolks. I say probably because my blood work showed that my immune system is a little low.

After lots of research, Vitamin D is probably something I’m missing in my diet, and it turns out it’s really common in runners to not have enough Vitamin D in their body!

“75% of Runners are Vitamin D Deficient.”

— unknown

Having low levels of Vitamin D can play a huge role in runners performances. There are many ways to get vitamin D into your “system”. Here are a few ways:

It’s important to note that in the winter it can be a little bit harder to get Vitamin D because there is less sun! Yes! You need sun! So, having supplements or eating a little bit more Vitamin D powered food during winter may be really beneficial.

7 Foods That Runners Must Have for Low Vitamin D

1. Mushrooms

mushrooms vegan vitamin d increase

Maybe this one sounds a little silly, but mushrooms are a great way to get Vitamin D, especially if you’re a plant based or vegan runner.

2. Fatty Fish

salmon lemon vitamin d garlic 7 Foods That Runners Must Have to Increase Vitamin D - Why it's Important

I’m not huge on fish…and to be honest I’ve never actually tried it before! But fish is an excellent source of Vitamin D. Especially: Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, and Trout.

3. Dairy

milk dairy butter

Dairy is considered a very common way to get Vitamin D…along with the following foods on this list are all considered “breakfast items” that are ways to get Vitamin D.

4. Cereals & Oatmeal

Certain cereals and oatmeal can contain a good amount of Vitamin D, although they don’t contain a high amount like other natural sources, they are still a great way to get Vitamin D.

5. Orange Juice

orange juice vitamin d skyrunning girl skyrunner

Another breakfast item that is considered great for getting Vitamin D. Orange Juice is also a great “on-the-go” type of drink to take with you, so you are consistently getting enough Vitamin D!

6. Eggs

eggs vitamin d skyrunner

One of my favorite foods! So, people who don’t eat fish (like myself) need to know that fish is not the only way to get a great amount of source of Vitamin D. Particularly, Egg Yolks are the best part to have of the egg to increase your amount of Vitamin D.

7. Milk Alternatives

skyrunning girl soy milk almond chai photo beautiful

Milk alternatives such as Soy and Almond milk are great ways to gain Vitamin D. Soy and Almond milk are also great for vegans and plant based athletes that need more Vitamin D in their lives.


I hope you’ve learned a thing or two, and I hope you understand that Vitamin D is an important part of your daily intake, and will help you out on the trails. There are many ways to achieve and obtain that daily dose of Vitamin D through food, sun, and supplements. If you have any questions, drop a comment below!

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