5 Best Yoga Postures for Runners

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Finally sitting down to write about 5 Best Yoga Postures for Runners! In my last post I talked about How to Start a Yoga Practice to Improve YOUR Running and now I want to share some of the best yoga postures for runners!

(!) The photos below are of me doing poses that I’ve practiced a hundred million times. I talk about different variations that I do, and variations for runners. Please don’t break yourself trying to do these, and DO WHAT FEELS GOOD FOR YOU. (!)

1. Legs Up The Wall


Okay, you don’t need to be as flexible and bendy as I am in this photo. I don’t think I’d be able to do this right after a run, anyway!

The “real” variation to this pose is laying on the floor and scooching your butt as close as you can to the wall. It’s one of the best poses for runners because it’s really good for lowering the lactic acid in your legs!

2. Bridge Pose


*BRIDGE POSE* Starting with something a little easier on the body would be more ideal or if you’re trying to get to the position in the photo, here’s the variation/starting point explained:

Laying on your back, flat on the floor. Lift you your knees up, and then raise your hips up. Super simple, and fantastic for your legs to gain muscle and for opening and stretching the hips.

3. Downward Dog


This is the perfect pose for stretching your calves muscles. Your calves muscles are so important for running. I think one of my least favorite pains is when they get that tight feeling and you have knots, and I haven’t had any of those pains since I started putting this pose in my daily routine.

To do Downward Dog you can start on your hands and knees (table top pose), and lift your butt up in the air! Press from the ground to deepen the stretch.

4. Upward Facing Dog

THE best pose for right after a core or hard run session. It feels sooo good to just open up the chest and breathe.

To come into this pose, you can lay down on your stomach with your arms next to you like you’re about to do a pushup, and then straighten your arms up, and push your chest out, and then breathe.

5. Tree Pose


Tree Pose is my favorite pose for two reasons: (a) for the beauty of it, (b) because it’s helped me sooo much with running. Tree Pose is such a powerful pose because of the balance and concentration you need for it, and when it becomes too easy for you there are so many different variations to make it harder.

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  1. I will be using these this morning, just got back from a morning jog. I definitely need to incorporate these poses into my daily life, even on days I’m not running.

  2. Thank you for sharing the five best yoga postures for runners! Your article provides helpful insights on how each pose can benefit runners in different ways and emphasizes the importance of doing what feels good for oneself. Great variations and suggestions for enhancing balance and concentration. Thank you for sharing! Anyone can visit here for yoga-related products.

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