Do YOU Drink Coffee Before YOU Run?

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Do YOU Drink Coffee Before YOU Run?

After receiving over a hundred comments on Twitter responding to my question of “Do YOU Drink Coffee Before YOU Run?” I realized I MUST write a blog post! And here we are…

Do YOU Drink Coffee Before YOU Run? skyrunning women girl woman youth world championships shitty

A fair warning: I’m no doctor or scientist, just someone who loves trial and error, so please seek professional information if you are wondering if it’s good or bad for your health. Thanks, buddy.


A controversial question around the world (maybe even on different planets in different galaxies, who knows) that sparks joy in some people and others choose black tea anyday.

But for runners, it’s different.

Runners either survive on coffee right before their run and others make it a point that it’s the worst thing to do before a run.

And to answer your question, yes, the majority of runners DO drink coffee before running. Some even answered during their they drink coffee. If you want to see all of the comments:

Okay, but is it bad for you to drink coffee before running? No. It’s not.

In fact according to Medical News Today consuming coffee before a run can increase a person’s physical performance. Neat, ey?

personal experience

In my personal experience(s), and this may sound a little silly, but I only drink coffee before a run if my intuition (or I guess my gut) says I’m not going to need to take a s*** in the woods. Laugh all you want! But… I know. How can I predict this? It’s trial and error, my friends.

Okay, I do have an athletic friend who told me that they don’t drink anything that contains caffeine with the idea that our bodies will naturally stimulate and function without the need of caffeine. Simpler terms, we should all consider taking a caffeine break every once and awhile!


At the end of the day, or beginning…I recommend going to my Tweet to check out some hilarious comments to start your day on a very funny note. 😉

Let me know on Twitter or down below if your prefered method is to drink coffee before or after or even never!

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Happy Running my Skyrunning Friends! xoxo

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