What is Snowshoe Running?

What is snowshoe running for trail runners

What is Snowshoe Running?

Trail running in snowshoes (and snowshoe racing) is the new toughest endurance sport.

Snowshoe running is running in the snow with snowshoes.

Now, you may be imagining big, bulky, heavy snowshoes, the ones that you use for hiking, and thinking no way am I going to be running in those, right? Nope, that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. There are actually snowshoes dedicated and made for running on snow.

Running snowshoes are lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and are more aerodynamic than their predecessors. They are specifically designed for running on snow. They are designed for runners or trail runners, like you and me. And they are built for winter running with crampon-like grips that dig into ice and snow to allow you to train and run all winter long!

The Perfect Winter Training Workout for Trail Runners

Snowshoe running is the perfect no-excuses winter workout and training for trail runners.

Why? It’s a way to keep running and building your running base and fitness during the cold winter months. Running snowshoes allow you to run in all conditions including off the beaten path and on trail.

Snowshoe running is less of a hassle and financial investment compared to other sports like skiing. For less than $200 you can find and get yourself a nice pair of running specific snowshoes. They are easy to pack and travel with, so you can easily get out the door and enjoy the snow!

The best part? You can wear your regular running shoes or running trainers. Although I do recommend wearing gaiters. 😉

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