8 Things You MUST Carry with You in the Mountains

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Here’s a list of the 8 Things You MUST Carry with You in the Mountains.

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1. Antihistamine

The other day when I was running the alps a french mom asked if I had any antihistamine. I like to carry an emergency first aid kit just in case, and this was one of those moments where I was really grateful to be carrying a first aid kit. Probably, one of the most important first aid medical things you should carry with you! –> I do run with a full first aid kit. I put the one I use below! <3

This is the medical kit that I run with on all of my runs:

2. Emergency Blanket

I think this is one of the most important! I bring an emergency blanket even if it’s a really short run, and when I’m not even bringing water!

3. Water

Might be obvious to some, but some people don’t like to bring water with them on their adventures…. In your water you can also put different types of mixes. 🙂

4. Whistle

A whistle is something I think not everyone thinks about, but I think it’s something really important to have with you. If you run with a Salomon running pack, I think, if not all, have whistles already on them. 😉

5. Advil

Advil. Just incase. Incase you’re on top of a mountain and your body is aching!

6. Piece of Food/Snack

I admit my mom used to always make me bring a piece food with me, and now I know why it’s so important.

Last year, I was at the Mountain Running Festival in Chamonix. At one point, we were on the side of a mountain not too far up, and not too far away from help, and this lady started feeling really out of it because her blood sugar was low. No one around had anything to eat because it was just a short run, except for me! (Thanks mom.)

So, please bring a piece of food. It could save a life or just feed your hunger!

7. Phone

Regardless, short run, high run, slow run, or any type of run I hope you bring your phone. Even if it’s purpose is just for photos, I think it’s so important to bring your phone!

Don’t forget to tag your photos, so I can share 😉 ( –> #skyrunninggirl/@skyrunninggirl <—)

8. Rain Jacket

Unless I’m going to be running at a lower elevation and I know it’s not going to be cold or there’s not going to be rain, I always carry a rain jacket with me. A rain jacket/windproof jacket is what I like to carry with me. (Below is the rain jacket I like to run in!)

Did you enjoy reading 8 Things You MUST Carry with You in the Mountains? Do you have anything else that you would add or trade out when you go for your runs? What is your one MUST thing you bring on your runs? Let me know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “8 Things You MUST Carry with You in the Mountains”

  1. I always forget to bring meds when hiking this is a great reminder! Weekend is coming almost there to hit the outdoors.

  2. Great advice! I usually take most of these things with me (especially the food!), but don’t usually think about the medication. Good to think about in future though.

  3. Thanks for these tips. My friend has started hiking recently so would definitely love to share your tips with her! I dont think she has included whistle in her hiking kit.

  4. I never saw the appeal to hiking until I moved down to the south coast of England for Uni and went exploring up some of the sites like Beachy Head and Seven Sisters, and now I’m hooked.
    But after looking at this post I realise I am very optimistic and seriously underprepared for the unexpected. Will definitely be building myself a well-equipped emergency kit with this list. Thanks for the post!

  5. Yes, spot on! I have allergies, and I always travel with antihistamines in my bag.

    When I’m hiking, I always bring water, a torch, bandaids (because you never know when you’ll get a blister on your foot or ankle) and a hat!

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