3 Best Places to Stop for a Snack While Running in Chamonix

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Maybe I say this too much, but I lovveee Chamonix, France. I don’t know what there is not love about it?!

The busiest time in Chamonix is UTMB week, but when the week is over I always feel really sad about it… well, at least until I go out for another run and explore the Chamonix area. Exploring different parts of Chamonix is one of my favorite things to do, I could go all day exploring, but I eventually get tired and very, very, very hungry. So, what do you do when you are in the middle of nowhere?

You stop and get a snack of course!

Here are my top 3 places to stop and get a snack during a run when in the Alps of Chamonix:

1. Refuge du Plan de L’Aiguille

There are two ways to get up to this one! You can either take the tram in the center of town or you can run/hike up. You could possibly even take the train up and cross over to the trail that goes to this Chalet. This is a very popular chalet that you can eat at. It is a little more pricey than others, but definitely worth a visit! You have an incredible view of Chamonix and looking up you will be able to see Mont Blanc.

2. Chalet de la Floria

This is probably my favorite one. It is about an hour hike up or 20 minute run. I definitely consider this one family friendly too. Very popular, but also sometimes very quiet. It has an incredible view of Mont Blanc and of Chamonix. Their food and desserts are also very good. (I recommend the “Fromage Blanc aux Myrtilles” for dessert.)

3.Chalet de Caillet

This is also a family friendly chalet/gite/restaurant. In the summer, they make their very own homemade ice cream! It is an easy hike or run up, starting in the center of Chamonix. At the top you will find friendly people and a view of Chamonix!

Chamonix is one of a kind. I hope you can check out these amazing trails and chalets with your family or friends!

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