Eating Out and Eating Healthy

I find it easy to eat healthy when eating out at restaurants, but I know many people struggle with eating out.

Whether you are paleo, gluten free, dairy free, or vegetarian, eating out doesn’t have to be the hardest thing in the world.

Here are a few tips on how to eat healthy while eating out.

1. Emergency Food

This is the worst case scenario. I always have what I call “Emergency Food” on me, whether it is in my car, hydration vest, or in my suitcase, I have it. Just in case I absolutely can’t eat anything on the menu.

2. Think Ahead

If you are going on a date and you know the place you are going to, it wouldn’t hurt to go online and check out the menu ahead of time. If the menu is something that you can’t work with don’t be afraid to say that you can’t eat anything at that restaurant.

3. Try Something New

I used to be a really picky eater and my options were limited at restaurants or fast food places. I eventually came to realize that trying new foods can be exciting and can expand your food options at restaurants and fast food places. So, next time when you are scared of trying those mushrooms or those brussel sprouts, try them because trying new foods can be worth it.

4. Asking

It never hurts to ask if you can modify something on a menu. You could even ask if you can create a whole new item just for you!

An example of modifying something on the menu may be having a bunless burger, if you are gluten free. An example of asking for a different option can be getting sorbet ice cream instead of just regular milk ice cream, if you are dairy free.

Finding something on a menu that you can eat can sometimes be tricky, but in most cases the menu is probably going to have something that you are able to eat. Don’t stress. 🙂

If you have any other tips that you recommend share them in the comments below!

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