The Change of UTMB Founders & What This Means

UTMB start in Mont Blanc, France

As everyone (hopefully) knows by now, UTMB has been cancelled for 2020. It is very hard to say and hear as it is one heck of a race. 😉 Due to everything happening in the world right now, the UTMB is changing! Here is The Change of UTMB Founders & What This Means:

The UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) is a dream trail race. It is one of my dream races. It starts in Chamonix, France and runs around the glorious Mont Blanc. It crosses through 3 different countries. There are seven different races that are part of the UTMB: PTL, UTMB, YCC, OCC, TDS, CCC, and the MCC.

Skyrunning Girl

Michel Poletti and Catherine Poletti are husband and wife, but also the founders of the famous UTMB.

In April, Michel Poletti, had decided to leave his position in UTMB. Now, a few days ago, Catherine Poletti, decided to take a step back and left the position of general manager to: Frédéric Lénart.

La direction organisationnelle reste dans la famille Poletti, puisque c’est sa fille qui reprend le relais.

Translated: The organizational management remains in the Poletti family, since it is his daughter who takes over .

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You can read more about the cancellation and more about Catherine Poletti, here.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation of the UTMB? What do you think of the change in the organization? What does the future hold?

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