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People ask me why I run and what inspires me to keep chasing miles (or to keep chasing vertical meters). The short answer is I run because I love running, but that isn’t the full reason and it’s not a very detailed response. 

Do you know that feeling when wind is carefully moving around your face or when you feel your breathing become harder or easier? I run because I like to feel. I love to feel. I love to be aware of how I feel. Don’t all humans like to feel? 

I think running creates a way for humans (at least for me) to become more aware of our surroundings. 

Some runs I try very hard to concentrate on how I feel– how my feet land, how my toes turn in my shoe when going around a corner, how the grass or tree branches feel brushing against my legs, how the sweat drips slowly down my face, or how the weather affects my attitude and mood. 

Feelings inspire me to run.

My inspiration to run also stems from sunsets. A random and cliche inspiration, but I like to think I am chasing the sunset. I remember watching a sunset after a long run up on top of a mountain and thinking this is why I run...a rush of adrenaline and emotions of feeling so grateful to be where I was. 

Why do you run? What is your inspiration? Do you run to feel? 

–> Naia Tower-Pierce.

3 thoughts on “Why I Run – SKYRUNNING GIRL”

  1. I love running and I was doing that for a few years until I got in an accident on the water… Now I am having pain in my knee, but that doesn’t stop me from walking, exploring, and discovering my surroundings, and going to different trips! Everything will be okay! 🙂

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do love it, how it makes me feel after, the wind in my face, and how it can shut my mind off to everything. but my body hates me running LOL

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