Skyrunning Races That Are Happening NOW During COVID-19

A girl running in snow with sun shining down. - Naia Tower-Pierce

Are you ready to race this weekend? Or how about on May 9th? Or in June? Yup, even during this time with Coronavirus there are still races happening. Want to know more?

The Skyrunner World Series is hosting virtual races for skyrunners, runners, or anyone that wants to race. The races are 45 minutes long and you can be doing any sport…jump roping, basketball, running stairs, planks or situps. It’s your race.

So far, there are 6 races, and the second race is starting this weekend. In order to participate you register online and receive a bib! You can check out their website and find more details here.

Stay healthy, and stay home. Many runs, training days, and races to come. <3

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