Day 3 of COVID-19

Four days ago, in France, the French president announced that we would be confined to our homes because of the Coronavirus crisis. Fortunately, we are still allowed to run… for now. Today they made another announcement that we will only be able to run a maximum of 2 km away from our homes. Thankfully, I am still healthy! I will still be at home the majority of the time for the next 15 days or until this passes. So, besides short runs, eating, and studying French, I will also still be getting my training in through lots of yoga, core, and other body weight exercises.

Here is an interesting read from an ultra runner on how COVID-19 works and an insight on the life of an Italian trail runner who is also under lockdown, here.

Interesting facts about what it is like to be locked down in France:

  • To leave your house you need an “attestation” and identity papers. The “attestation” must be printed and it shows what you are going out for, your name, birthdate, and where you live. You sign it on your honor.
  • You can get fined if you do not have the “attestation” or a valid reason to leave your home. You can get fined up to 375€.
  • Only a certain number of people are allowed in pharmacies and grocery stores at a time.
  • Cycling is prohibited at the moment.

Here is a coronavirus statistics monitor: ici.

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