5 Things Runners Will See in Chamonix

After running in the French Alps for a number of months I’ve come to realize that there are certain things that I have only ever seen in Chamonix, France.

I’ve spent various amounts of time in different locations around the world, but Chamonix is one of the most extraordinary places and one of a kind.

Here are 5 Things Runners Will See in Chamonix:

1. Women Running Alone.

Seeing women run alone in the USA is a refreshing sight to see. As a female I have always felt very safe running in the Chamonix area, during all hours and anytime of the year. It’s very comforting to know that I can hit the trails at any point without feeling worried about safety.

2. Using Poles.

Using poles is not uncommon in Chamonix, let alone Europe. In fact, using poles for hiking, walking, and running of all ages is extremely common.

3. Young Runners.

I find it’s amazing to see young trail runners hitting the trails. I am constantly seeing and meeting young trail runners in Chamonix. It is inspiring.

4. Runners at Lunch Time.

Back in the USA I never remember those “stinky runners” sitting at the table for lunch time, as it is “necessary” to change before eating in the USA. This is probably one of my favorite things about running in Chamonix. It is normal for a runner during or after a workout to come and join friends during lunch time, even if they may be a little stinky. 😉

5. Everyone.

While walking through the town of Chamonix you will most likely see many runners either coming back to Chamonix after a run, about to head out for a run, or waiting for a friend to join them for a run. I have found Chamonix to be the “mountain running central.”

Chamonix, France is one of my favorite places. Every time I go to Chamonix I feel inspired by the people, the culture, but most of all, the runners. There is no other place like Chamonix.

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