Natural Healing: Dealing with Skyrunning and Trail Running Injuries

As runners, as athletes , and as humans, we get injuries.

Even when we try to be careful, running injuries can happen. Recently when I was running near Chamonix, France, I was running down a mountain and fell on my butt and slid down a mountain. This resulted in me tweaking my knee. It could have been worse if my buddy wasn’t there to catch me. 😉

Sometimes injuries are recurring and sometimes they are just a simple occurrence, like a fall.

Here are some natural solutions that I have found to truly work.

A hand holding Tiger balm.
Tiger Balm. The tiniest and cutest thing! Perfect for traveling!

1. Tiger Balm

I LOVE Tiger Balm. I truly believe this stuff works. I carry it around wherever I go. I bring it to every race I go to. To use Tiger Balm you rub a small amount on the spot where the injury is (or even if you are sore).This is a must have!!!!

2. BioFreeze

I first learned about BioFreeze from a running coach. It was little hard for me to believe that this product would work, but once I used it I was hooked!!!! BioFreeze contains an herbal extract. You simply apply BioFreeze after a workout and you feel a “freeze” affect on your body. This stuff makes your body feel fresh and brand new.

3. Classic Ice

Where it hurts you should ice. When I first feeling any pain anywhere I immediately start icing. This is a must, whether or not you have any actual visible bruise, you might have a bruise on the inside. 😉

4. Legs up

Waist down, this is a great injury free and recovery method. This is a strategy I do after every run. Simply stick your legs up against a wall and let the legs recover!

5. Hydrate

Hydrating is an extremely effective way to quickly heal. It is an extremely important part of everyday life. An interesting fact is that our body is made up of 60% water!! Drinking water will quickly replenish our bodies in a healthy and natural way.

6. Sleep

Sleep. Catching zzz’s is one of the most important and effective things you can do. Let your body rest and heal itself.


Please keep in mind I am not a doctor. These are just some natural remedies that I find helpful. If you have an injury make sure you consult with a doctor to figure out what’s up so you can get back to running!

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